The Casco

For desperation of its father, Magali keeps a predominant characteristic: affectionate and gotten passionate for cats. (HISTORY, 2009) the Chive was the first personage created by the Maurcio de Sousa, in 1960; was one garotinho of hair stuck with only five wires, was gordinho, passed most of the time bolando ' ' plans infalveis' ' […]


The excursion to the viewpoint of the Aconcagua hill, starting off from capital Mendoza, is one of most beautiful and unforgettable for the tourism in Mendoza. The passage towards the heart of the mountain range already is of an enormous benefit, between colorful streams of defrosting localities. The stops in the way could not be […]

The Men

Sometimes to the shopkeepers they give of gift the good clients. Also one is in drug stores or the same ticket office of hammam, where it is already necessary to pay a little more (around 20 drhams by a jar of 200 mgs approx). A plastic bucket in order to transport all the previous one. […]

Poor Generation

The children pass little time in company of the parents; instead of learning with the parents, they pass the biggest time of its lives, in the seriada school and similar. After the pertaining to school schedule, on behalf of the learning and preparation for the future, the children go for the courses of languages, professionalizing […]