Paths To Universal Wisdom

Master Tenno had reached the fullness in archery, the noble kyudo, while the Sweeper of emeralds had reached enlightenment as undisputed master of Tai Chi, at the height of china’s cultural revolution. He had served in the army and excelled in all the arts of the Bushido, or way to stop the arrow into the […]

Spiritual Training

To propitiate that it carried out the triple training is necessary that educational institutions incorporate to your practice, techniques of meditation, yoga, tai chi, activities focused on the art and courses of self-knowledge. Training in the spiritual dimension, form individuals free and intelligent, able to see the consequences of his actions, having all the necessary […]

Hair Loss

What hair loss in cats? The condition of skin and coat is an important indicator of the overall health of your cat. Many of the common problems of the skin of the cat and the dog are similar to human afflictions of the skin. Cat dander is disorders more common discussed the fur of the […]