Marshall Rosemberg

Finally faced with so many questions unanswered I light a small based on my studies on the one hand, as specialist in management of human resources, on the other hand based on what they learned in the Group of auto aid for women: women friends supportive, (1996) non-profit in which I actively participated for 15 […]

Symbols And Deities Of The Feng Shui

The Chinese ancient wisdom is undeniable. It has brought great inventions to humanity: the compass, paper, gunpowder, the printing press, are some examples that have contributed to the development of society. But not only in the area of science have left their footprints, also in philosophy and health: the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chi Kung, […]

Chi Kung

It reminds us of ciensa. Com AR Chi Kung (Qi Gong) is a method of exercise of Chinese origin which relies on movements and/or static positions that are accompanied with breathing techniques while maintaining a deep state of meditation during the execution.It is part of the family of ancient ancient medicines, son of Chinese medicine, […]

Tai Chi

If it joins that it is a chain of centers very elegant, warm establishments that greatly satisfied customers, who come to enjoy the moment, and the human quality of the management team that is behind the brand at the bottom, the scale has to tilt the force in their favor. Not in vain, you care […]