The Beginning

If the transition to three-dimensional space of the cell to 0, 0, 0, "commit both N objects, and the time of committing one step T = t / n, where t – time elapsed since the beginning of wandering, the value of Vr = r 1 – (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2) […]

Tai Chi

The ability of the body self-healing and self-regeneration is one of the potential that nature gives us from birth and that if we can understand, we can use it for our benefit. Our body is capable of generating a lot of self-healing substances, directors, regulatory, corrective, etc. A clear example would be the hormones, are […]

Guinness Book Guinness World Records

"American daredevil" legendary stuntman Iweala Nivel reputed by dangerous stunts on a motorcycle. Not only for the foolhardy jump on a motorcycle, but also by the number of fractures and broken bones Nivel entered in the Guinness Book Guinness World Records. Why not a fountain? On the eve of the new 1967 Iweala Nivel (real […]

The Court

It is with the development of these key strokes begin training for future players. It should be noted, however, that the lessons tennis impossible without specialized equipment. The basis for successful the game is a good statement of the case, flexibility and mobility of players. And if the first two conditions are satisfied by the […]