Endemias Argentine

By these days of the austral autumn of year 2009, it is possible to be assumed like premise for a development, slight knowledge such as the one that " the part is in the whole, or the whole is in parte". Thus, I go from my intense experiences in a specific task like are the […]

The Power

An example is in the school where it has uniform and pupils do not use in the street alleging to be ridicule, they dress alone it when arriving in the school, and suddenly after the lesson when the same ones are in the street if they dress with clothes parecidssimas what he does not leave […]


When entering the school, the child suffers a considerable physicist-mental impact, therefore, until then, its life was exclusively dedicated to the toys and the familiar environment. The educators can consider the object construction for the tricks as games, books of histories, box surprise, thus being able to develop activities with the children stimulating logical reasoning, […]