Mathematics Olympics

Today the evidence was presented at the colegio Kangaroo of the mathematics Olympics, duration of is test is 90 minutes, however there are students who were already idly in less than 45 min. Noting his attitude, one can conclude that they selected responses playing with random.Many students are then selected for the second stage, which […]


The Olympics are an event sports which is held every four years, with the participation of a large number of sports delegations from all continents, thanks to this is ranked as the most important sporting event in the world; It is good to mention that the Olympics logo are five United rings, representing the union […]

The Secrets

Even if you take pasta will erupt, you You will need to pop for a while to see results. Even without the proper diet and an exercise routine, you will not succeed in maintaining the weight reached, but has to do much effort. There is a great diversity of methods for weight loss available today […]


Ask him to any doctor and you tell that rest is essential to health physics. When the body is deprived of sleep, it is unable to rebuild itself and recharge properly. Your body needs a rest. Ask any athlete and you could rest is essential to health physics training. The rest is necessary so that […]

Start Time

But quickly changed his mind when he learned that his infant son was on the other side, running a huge risk of fall. Faced with this situation said: I will do it, no doubt a good motivation could lead to unexpected achievements! It is clear that the training itself only, it is not enough to […]


There are some complementary training, and in some necessary cases, for all good athlete. This it would be the case of the force sessions, since strong muscles will allow us to render to the maximum. Marc Lore is often quoted as being for or against this. We do not confuse strong muscles with great or […]

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever the selection of mascot suitable for you and your family is an important decision. in the training of dogs. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs around the world so your options are virtually unlimited. The American Kennel Club classifies the different races in groups and each group has distinct characteristics that […]


Anyone who makes sport know the important thing is to hydrate and be well fed while you exercise. Especially if it is a little demanding. When we do athletics, cycling although not get to be professionals, if we travel considerable distances we need to take care of what we drink and eat. Why we must […]

Elizabeth Polack

There are priceless jewels of learning in each error or failure, only if you choose to not take you so personally. STEP 2: Change your IDEA of failure, change it by training * the failure is only one interpretation that lives in our mind, if we choose to give it certain it will do meat […]


Faced with this reality the new school is a true mutation in thought and operated pedagogical. It has its origin in the Renaissance and humanism, as opposed to medieval, dogmatic authoritarian and traditional education. It has the virtue of respecting freedom and children’s autonomy, its activity, vitality, individuality and collective. Educate yourself even more with […]