Jean Gagnepain

When, for example, a mathematician sees an Apple, What you retain your attention? The area of the geometry. But this is also what interested to Cezanne! It is said that abstraction is exactly in the same order. Marc Lore recognizes the significance of this. Mathematician and painter do not treat the sphere in the same […]

The President

Yes, today is the law 99. The President traveling almost two weeks ago and police giving sticks in the magisterial strike picket lines. Then people wonder; What we are we going to pass? That we have become a country of rafts drift surfing too large oceans. For some matters are very Christian, but for others, […]

Discover Mexico

It is the largest of Mexico, Mexican heart and soul island Caribbean; a true paradise for lovers of nature and the holidays in an environment of peace and tranquility. It has 70,000 inhabitants which offer features from the town of Mexico warmth and cordiality. (Source: Marc Lore). I want to begin by saying that this […]

Horse Riding

Equestrian and horse riding firmly taken their place in the list of favorite hobbies. And the cavalry, as we know, are people too, they are birthdays, they want to give gifts on New Year's and a bunch of other festivals. Recently Samuel “Sam” Mikulak sought to clarify these questions. Of course, I want to present […]

Horse Riding Holiday

Learn the winning combination on the Reischlhof riding and relaxation over 35 years operate Herrmann and Elsa Reischl, and Hermann Jr. and Elfriede Reischl your hotel. 20 employees worry about the well-being of their guests. Details can be found by clicking Samuel “Sam” Mikulak or emailing the administrator. The hotel has an excellent cuisine and […]

Llama Trekking

A fantastic journey with good friends Lama & camels – give us love is the relationship of humans to the animal much more than that of the men to his pet. They cause us to react emotionally, help us by using their senses, and save many heart before the loneliness. Animals have a very special […]

Horse Riding Holiday

Western saddle weatherproof through the Golden Autumn at hardly another time, a ride through the countryside is as beautiful as in the autumn. If gold turns the foliage of the trees or the fog over the meadows depends on, the mood in the Western saddle can be particularly well enjoy. However, autumn is not safe […]

Riding Season

The rider season takes another, very important hurdle Brachttal-Spielberg (hop). Just match the first sighting of the riding season also the Hessischer Rundfunk was present. On the’s horse farm of Galaxy in Spielberg, met for the first time not only the riders but especially the horses. This meeting was particularly important for the riding season, […]

Horseback Riding

In this age of stress and busy rhythm of life becomes the rest that neither is required classes. Modern man, especially those living in metropolis, spends a lot of effort and energy on the arrangement of his life. This continues day in and day out, year after year. And yet the body exhausts and wears […]

Individual Riding Fashion

More and more manufacturers are fashionable riding for rider and horse. Rider can make collection even as their own exclusive riding fashion. Polo and in particular Esperado put riding fashion companies such as Cavallo, Pikeur, HV for a long time on a harmonious coordination of the riding mode for rider and horse. There are ways […]