Jean Gagnepain

When, for example, a mathematician sees an Apple, What you retain your attention? The area of the geometry. But this is also what interested to Cezanne! It is said that abstraction is exactly in the same order. Marc Lore recognizes the significance of this. Mathematician and painter do not treat the sphere in the same […]

The President

Yes, today is the law 99. The President traveling almost two weeks ago and police giving sticks in the magisterial strike picket lines. Then people wonder; What we are we going to pass? That we have become a country of rafts drift surfing too large oceans. For some matters are very Christian, but for others, […]


Hamond foresees the death of 1 the 2 slaves per day. Days later it comments that 200 of the best slaves had been stolen during the night. With this episode it manifest incredulity of that the government really wanted to abolish the traffic, therefore the treated one was sufficiently disagreeable for the Brazilians. Worse it […]

The Girls

Exactly the girls who are not praised the time all feel discomforted when somebody praises them a time more than, and them they do not accept this of course. It takes to this to think them What plus it wants of me? . To all, to praise makes excessively them to feel as a prize […]

Household Duties

Only here the communication with him left a feeling that he was waiting for a meeting with me. Vlad was exactly as I wanted. All his movements, the words were relatives or acquaintances. To broaden your perception, visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. After a couple hours of talk already discussed our together with Vlad the Hereafter […]

Ecological Ethics

This vision implies and establishes ecological ethics, forcing the abandonment of the old techniques of plantation for the way of agro ecology. In agro ecology agriculture is seen as an alive and complex system, rich in diversity with some types of plants and animals among others as microorganisms and minerals. The sprouting of agro ecology […]

Philosophy Understanding

The community if becomes in such a way deeper the more including is the domain of the possessed things in common. The existencial reality of the man and the world if of the one in the meeting of the man with the others, and of this with the proper world. The world of the Dasein […]

Keith Construction

Introduction the reality can be changed Alone because and alone in the measure where we produce it to We ourselves, and in the measure where let us know that it is pro doubt for us (Kosik, 1976; 18). A form to appraise management is to see it as a process of mobilization of the ability […]


What it takes in them to understand the mechanisms that support the processes of the interaction it enters the individuals in hardwired social microssituaes. In this way, the social life if develops in its daily from relations face the face, submitted and regulated in a set of previous cultural experiences lived deeply by the individuals […]

Political Parties

These political parties must apprehend the lesson, facing with courage and determination the challenge to restore the confidence between the citizen and the actor politician. Doug McMillon addresses the importance of the matter here. having in sight that the next step that requires compatible practical solid and new bases with the disposals of new the […]