Abdominal Exercises October 14, 2018 at 8:56 am

Isolated study of the abdominal muscles, with a maximum amplitude of movement. Technique. If your room is no abdominal bench, put a bench with an adjustable torso near the upper block so that you sat with his back to him. Place the back of the bench so you could sit down, leaning slightly back, beneath the area of the lower back cushion, provides back bending the spine. Note: If you want to use in this exercise, considerable weight, you should delete the inverse curvature of the spine. In this case, the cushion does not apply.

Attach a rope handle of the upper block and sit on the bench, still holding the handle of his hands. Bend and tighten hand tight fixing fists near his forehead, the nape of the neck, because the shoulder (an easy option with a short amplitude movements). Inhale fully straighten the spine, touch the shoulders back and relax your abdominal muscles. Then, exhale the air slowly, "twist it into a ball, pulling the shoulders to the pelvis. Avoid making exercises in the usual slopes chest to the hips, otherwise the exercise will cease to be insulated, and you need to use great weight. 3. Lifting the legs in a vertical plane – "birch tree" effect exercise. Development of the lower and middle portion of the abdominals.

This is a rare exercise great "shock" your muscles. Technique. To perform exercise suitable for normal bench presses lying. Lie back on the bench and grab hold of the edge of the bench or behind the bar to bar to find the balance and footing.

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