Abraham Maslow February 2, 2019 at 11:18 am

Consid erese, as it contributes psicopag.galeon.com to it, that Transpersonal psychology does not apostatize of other schools of thought as the psychoanalysis nor considers like opposite; the correct thing would be to say that it tries to go further on. For the tranpersonal vision, the developments of Freud have been of fundamental was worth in the development of psychological science when including the idea of the inconciente in a discipline that was tied the positivista rationalism. Doubtlessly, psychoanalysis abri the possibilities of understanding of psique human. Transpersonal psychology promotes another opening including the spiritual dimension of the human being. psychoanalysis is a way of ideal boarding for the different types from neurosis, the hysteria and other psychopathologies. We cannot deny that Freud was a neurotic, brilliant, but neurotic to the aim. And like so, it studied the neurosis and " males" compatible; it was dedicated to which it saw close by. Abraham Maslow was one of the first investigators interested in studying the psychology of the beings more " avanzados" that it has given the history of the humanity.

What it interested to him was to examine the beings psychologically healthier; by all means, a rare minority in which included to Christ and the mystics of other cultures. What inferred, after to exhaustive study the life of these men " iluminados" it was that they did not have his identity put and locked up in his person, her ego, its history. They had ampler sense of identity, than it went beyond its personality, an identity " transpersonal". Its identity was extended towards a communion with the totality of the phenomena, with the totality of the beings. Something, by assumption, very difficult to include/understand, for the majority of us; and therefore, the psychologists, coverall the western ones, these phenomena or, usually describe as pathological to this type of mystical experiences.

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