Author Silence May 18, 2020 at 11:26 am

The number of discreet suicides or sending itself from a balcony, was great. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Those that better adapted to the new situation were the guardians of the fields that, the day of the liberation, already they offered cigarettes and they smiled dresses of civilians. Most terrible it was than those of more primitive nature could not escape to the influences of the brutality that had surrounded to them while they lived in the field. Now, when seeing itself free, Jewish Frankl Viennese remembers siquiatra, thought that they could live without subjecting to no norm and giving loose rein to his brutales repressions. They became instigadores of the force and the injustice. Many happened of victims to opresores. As we are seeing impassible in Gaza, in the West Bank and in all Palestine in the extermination and the hatred whereupon Israeli of extreme right they subjugate Palestinian, to men, women and children inermes.

One of the taboos better kept by the Zionist movement was the experience of which many kapos were Jewish and they were distinguished by his extreme cruelty, perhaps to silence brings back to consciousness that it dissolved in death rattles. Victor Frankl remembers a prisoner who, coiling the sleeves of the shirt, shouted to him: ” That they cut the hand to me if I do not dye me in blood the day that returns to house! ” And the Viennese doctor stresses that ” it was not a bad type: she was a good comrade in campo”. This re-reading of admirable pages written by a doctor whom ignominy suffered of fields and that dedicated its life to that many patients discovered a sense for their lives, can help ” leer” the wild, brutales and cruel conducts that the mass media put before our eyes. From all parts, in a cacophony exasperating before which the people in charge of the governments of the most democratic nations, developed would not have to fold and rich of the planet. The conspiracy of Vienna and the frightful silencios before the monstruosidades of which the Earth leaders have plenary session knowledge will happen to history like another one of its sadder and shameful pages. Before them one is asked for the sense of being person in a driven crazy world that rides towards the self-destruction between the lights of the neon announcements. With Nietzsche, we continued thinking that ” who has because to live it can support any cmo” almost;. But we cannot remain in silence when they suffer so many million innocent victims. Because all are of ours.

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