AVILA Pupils February 11, 2021 at 11:11 pm

Therefore, beyond one it has supported of practical order, we look for to use in this second intervention ways that provided to the involved citizens a personal reflection. This reflection would have to guide so that the way of the professional choice was made right and made possible the knowledge of its subjetividades. Throughout our project we perceive that the pupils mentioned the importance of the education in its lives, a time that the same one contributes as instrument of social ascension and ‘ ‘ of professionalization (…) of this form, the citizens to pass (sic) to have access others spaces of the society that, at previous moments, remained inacessveis’ ‘ (D’ AVILA, 2006 apud TO SOUND, 2007, P. 754). Thus, we conclude that the interventions in this direction where we approach, go beyond a professional orientation, them englobam other aspects, as the search for dreams and projects of life. FINAL CONSIDERAES With the accomplishment of this work it was possible to know and to analyze, at least initially, as the dynamics of functioning of a communitarian daily pay-vestibular contest functions.

In our conception, the work developed in these Institutions must have special care in the hour to give support for its pupils in the direction of the vocational orientation. However, we also admit that such intervention is not easy of being made, exactly for dealing with the desires and you distress of people who of course are different ones of the others. It is not enough, only, to make possible visits to the Institutions of Superior Education, as for example, the sample of professions of the UFMG, without with this it has an explanation deepened on the doubts that devastate its thoughts. In the visited Institution, she observed herself that although coordinator to affirm that daily pay-vestibular contest gave subsidies so that pupils had access to information of sphere of Ensino Superior, and that more, he gave psychological support the same ones, perceives yourself that the activities did not have much relation between itself, beyond if showing only at some sporadical moments.

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