Back Healthy Adios May 17, 2020 at 2:48 pm

Ponte straight! Do many times hear a child that mouth phrase his mother? In the Nemomarlin children’s schools have been firm and have decided to put a large sign stop all problems and diseases of back that are derived from the postures we acquired from an early age. If a child teach a routine of how it must be, as performing a series of movements, absorbs it and begins to put it into practice without realizing just. As time passes the creation of that habit is more complicated, already they have created their own, explains Ana Gamo, Coordinator of centres of Nemomarlin learning stages while the first cycle of early childhood education is not decisive for the acquisition of bad posture, if there is search bad habits and follow the daily life of each new movement.In the case of babies supervision focuses on the creeping, the crawling, the way in which sit or how them standing. From there will be following its development to detect any possible difficulty in running, jumping with feet together, one foot or up and down stairs, says Gamo. When the children arrive to the second cycle of child and primary education, that custom tracking becomes more necessary. At this age, they begin to draw or write for example. It is here where all the fixes that you have instilled in them until you reach this point become indispensable, because they themselves when they begin to sit by themselves and to become aware of the movements that made, do it on the basis already assimilated, largely paving the way.

At this time their positions are becoming correct and if it continues to monitor them equally, does not cease to be so, he points out Ana Gamo. Continuous commitment and if there is one distinguishing point in Nemomarlin schools, that is continuous concern for each of their students. The basis that builds our model is safety, which we both moved our facilities in which every detail is taken care of, until the power or in this case the health of your back. It is the main thing for parents, therefore, also it is not for us, ends the Coordinator. Press Office and RR.PP for management of interviews, the expansion of information or graphic material sending do not hesitate to contact us.

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