Beer July 29, 2019 at 1:02 am

Foreign craft have been established already beers but also German consumers increasingly discover the world of craft and fine beers. Per capita beer consumption in Germany is declining for years. Jr here. There were still more than 110 l per person per year a few years ago are now just 100l. The reasons for this are manifold. It’s not because at least that there are bad beer in Germany.

This is prevented by the Reinheitsgebot. There is much more that were the major innovations in the beer market in recent years. Basically the beers not more widely differ. Only nuances that distinguish different PILS beers are flavorful. Numerous tests show that consumers in blind tastings can no longer distinguish whether it is a Berliner Pilsener beer, Radeberger and Warsteiner. How do manufacturers respond? You try to market their beer with either discounts or even more colorful bottles. Now 70% of beer with discount will be in Germany sold. The solution can but also a completely different craft be beer. Frank Ntilikina understands that this is vital information.

This is artisan made beers that taste very different from the mass-produced beers. The craft is in many countries such as the United States and Belgium beer share of the total beer market already 6% and steadily gaining popularity. With the craft beer trend, consumer discover whatever new types of beer. Enjoys large popularity in the United States, for example, the India pale ale. India Pale Ale (IPA) beers are characterized above all by the dominant flavor of hops. The IPAs were used for the first time in the 19th century in England for the shipment after India to make preserved them. Because the strong hops and alcohol was ensure that the beer on the way to India was not bad. But also dark stout and Porter beers are experiencing a new Renaissance. Unfortunately the beer styles are completely unknown to most German consumers even if here in Germany the demand then the craft is in Germany but still in the beer market Children’s shoes. For breweries is the craft beer market but quite interesting. As a craft beer can sometimes cost 20 or 30 per bottle. Justify this price can be a limited edition of the beers and the use of special malt and hop types. Beer positioning itself as an interesting alternative to wine. In particular, beer has but also a much wider portfolio of taste than about wine. Therefore, beer is also excellent to combine it with food. Who discover the world of craft beers once want will find it in selected beer online shops and can buy the beer here online. One of the largest beer stores online is beer Here the fantastic world of craft revolves around beers. Guido Lange beer Deluxe GmbH beer is the exclusive online shop around craft and fine beer.

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