Boxing December 17, 2016 at 12:33 am

But first, Joe Calzaghe will meet with Bernard Hopkins. However, Roy Jones has no doubt that it will take up British in this battle. Recall, Jan. 19, Roy Jones Jr. won a landslide victory by unanimous decision over Felix Trinidad: two judges to rate 116-110, 117-109 and one in favor of Jones.

American demonstrated a high class boxing – its relatively solid age for professional sports (39) almost did not leave a negative prints. For more specific information, check out Sam Mikulak. Roy Jones acted in the first round quite carefully and clearly. Toward the middle of the fight has intensified, and Jones is no longer gave the initiative in the hands of the enemy. After winning Roy Jones stated that he wants to meet with Joe Calzaghe, and is ready for this to change their habits and go to Europe and fight there. The case for an unprecedented Roy Jones – the American has always fought only at home with support from local fans. Roy Jones said, that he had re-appeared a huge desire to box in the professional ring, and he is ready to challenge the best. And Joe Calzaghe will be only the first in the list of his potential opponents. Roy Jones is very pleased with his team, which, he says, has created excellent conditions for the continuation of a boxing career. According to Jones, he successfully picked up a sparring partner and created a good training camp.

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