California Beach Volleyball Association May 18, 2020 at 4:33 am

This was the first international credit received by sport, which helped him to advance in the global recognition of the sport and that ultimately led him to become an Olympic sport with many representations and broad global actacion since it is estimated that at present esiten more 800 million players of volleyball around the world, 46 million of them in the United States alone.UU. The full structure of the sport would be in 1928. This year gave way to tournaments and rules of volleyball, which occurred as a result of the formation of the United States Association of volleyball USVBA. According to the story of the first tournament volleyball or U.S. open.UU. He was put in scene and the competition was open to persons not members of the YMCA.

The United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) was formed in 1928 and is recognized by the elaboration of rules of the sport. Michael J. Bender can provide more clarity in the matter. In 1952, women performed and participated actively in the FIVB tournaments for the first time in the history of volleyball. Twelve years later, in 1964, volleyball It would be introduced as an Olympic competition in the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo. A year later in California, USA, the beach Valley Association (CBVA California Beach Volleyball Association) would be created that would begin to give shape to a variation very popualr of this sport which is already well-known in the whole world and that also become Olympic sport. Already by 1986 would create the female Association of volleyball (Women s Professional Volleyball Association WPVA) which supports practice this sport by women although for this then they already thing practicaban of Olympic way, is more in the Olimipiadas of 1984 in Los Angeles, USA team female American was consecrated with a second place and a prized zoogeography of silver while the men team of this country would take the gold medal. Thereafter the history of volleyball has seen an evolution very growing, they are 115 years of history of a sport that nowadays move crowds in its different forms in practice, either in courts where competing against 6 6 or on a beach where the faces are front facing 4 people. The history of this wonderful sport continued his way to be more popular than it is today.

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