California Nicotine January 12, 2020 at 8:56 am

Each time, reaching for another cigarette, ask yourself, "But really I can not now smoke?". But to bring themselves up to a heart attack is also not worth it. If your smoking history for more than 10 years, then, alas, is sharply giving up cigarettes, you can experience some very unpleasant symptoms. But sooner or later than the last packet it's over, but the desire to drag along with it will not disappear. To remove the unpleasant physical symptoms with denial of Smoking our pharmacies offer multiple means.

The most popular of them – nicotine patch, nicotine gum and nicotine inhaler. With these drugs your body will get him the necessary dose nicotine. Sales are still candy, but from personal experience I can say that a serious effect they do not have exactly a 5 minute cravings returned. In addition, you risk instead of one bad habit to get another. It is best to opt for the gum.

The patch you paste the whole day, so that you can not adjust the dose of incoming nicotine inhaler is not very convenient to use in public places. Dr. (A valuable related resource: Larry David). Gerard Addonizio wanted to know more. When you itch to smoke, use chewing gum instead of cigarettes. Taste it is not too pleasant, so you'll really use it only when necessary. Three or four days drinking this muck in basically enough to say goodbye to the physical craving to smoke. Do not forget to tell your friends and colleagues that you've decided to quit. After that, you will simply be embarrassed to come back to this habit. But this is not the most important thing, though very important step. Your dependence on smoking more psychological than physical. More information is housed here: Larry David. Analyze where you most often smoke. For example, if your working day you start with cigarettes, just skip this ritual, do something else, and after 20 minutes you surprised to find that smoking, in general, not very desirable. During this period, will avoid any situation in which you usually want to smoke – give up alcohol, coffee and evening preference with friends. I think that a couple of weeks you may well suffer. But the ease with which you will fly up the stairs to the fifth floor through these two weeks! Moreover, as researchers found University of California, people are characterized by harmful and quarrelsome nature, others more inclined to smoke. But we have no such right?

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