Canine Nutrition June 20, 2020 at 2:11 pm

Advice for the nutrition of your dog the feeding of our dog is one of the crucial factors if we want that our animal is healthy. Nutrients suitable balances and assure a life heals to us and happy for our mascot, as well as, because not to say it, many less visits to the veterinarian (mainly in the long term). In fact an incorrect feeding is the greater cause of the development of pathologies in the domestic animal, something really unnecessary if we see the amount of foods for dogs especially designed for its correct nutrition. In this sense we recommended to let itself guide by experts, in particular, by our veterinarian. In fact simply giving a healthful feeding to our dog we can be sure that the probabilities that lives during many years and with a great quality of life increase considerably. Since we have commented in the previous paragraph, a great number of foods especially designed exists to satisfy the nutritional needs with our dog, for that reason we advised that it does not occur to our dogs foods realised by us since they are not thought for them and we do them less good than we thought. In this sense the most interesting foods are those than they comprise of the call holistic feeding that considers the wild origins of the dogs and their necessity of a proteinic contribution based on the meat.

Many marks of this type exist (for example Almo Nature) and are very recommendable by the present balance in their ingredients. Another interesting aspect is the dosage, that is to say, whichever times must eat our dogs. In this sense we must consider the age like the decisive factor. , Thus right after the lactancia our puppy will have to realise 4 daily ingestions during the following 3 months. Later from the 3 to the 6 months the number of ingestions is reduced to three and of the 6 months to the year to 2. After the first year of life they will be possible to be given one or two ingestions per day When our dog has eaten we avoid to play with him or to give toys him for dogs since the movement without to have realised the digestion can very be harmful for our animal. We follow these simple recommendations and we will have a healthy and happy dog.

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