Chamonix March 3, 2014 at 8:40 pm

Chamonix, also known as Chamonix Mont Blanc, is a small town on the border of France and Italy, in full Alps, has as a main hub of communications with the transalpine country with the Mont Blanc tunnel. It is a town with only 12000 inhabitants and has its economic engine in winter sports tourism. Chamonix lives by and for winter tourism, winter sports. This town is located in the Valley of the Rhone, has minimum clear height of 1300 meters and maximum of 3790. Also as main attraction the Mont Blanc, which presides over this Valley and this municipality with its 4815 meters. Chamonix is a place for sport and adventure, in addition to being able to ski or snowboarding in Flegere, Houches, Les Grands Montets, Le Savoy or Houches can also enjoy other activities such as hiking, climbing, the Mountainbikes or excursions. The highest point of the Rhone is the Mont Blanc, France and the Alps, as well as the main attraction of the area.

In its surroundings are located some of the best ski resorts in the Alps, and to place tracks approaching thousands of tourists every year, tourists looking to enjoy the variety of ski resort that offers this place, trails where to walk and enjoy a day of hiking, their different areas for climbing and cycling, its luxurious hotels, its exquisite gastronomy Chamonix is located in the heart of the Alpsat the foot of Mont Blanc and the access to the tunnel which links Italy and France, it has also, with nearby towns like Geneva and Zermatt in Switzerland, Piedmont in Italy or Valle d’Aosta, in addition to other French cities such as Lyon. Chamonix is an ideal place to stroll, visit places as Mar de Glace, the most impressive glacier of France, of course skiing and snowboarding, is also a place where you can enjoy a day of golf. To Chamonix is a destination that you will not have problems with the wide variety of things to do and things to see during your vacation on the slopes of Mont Blanc. In addition, you can visit places of the Valley and its impressive Matterhorn; Cervinia Aosta Switzerland, with cities like Geneva and Zermatt; Mont Blanc, making the trail between Chamonix and Zermatt, and a long list of activities among which, is visiting and ascend to the symbol of the Alps, the Mont Blanc. The town of Chamonix nature is surrounded by a stunning landscape, nature and Mont Blanc, presides over her little more can you ask from a place in which also boasts surrounding places protected of indisputable beauty.

The Red peaks are one of the best showcases of the municipality, the Valley of Berard, Les Houches, places protected which can be found in Chamonix, unexplored places in many areas, where you can enjoy Lakes, glacial, landscapes, forests, cliffs, numerous opportunities to enjoy this unique natural environment. Places to highlight in Chamonix are several, of great ecological and environmental value, natural paradises like the Natural Reserve of the massif of Aiguilles Rouges, known as red peaks, has more than 4000 hectares, or the impressive area of glaciers, more than 130 kilometres square in the Chamonix Valley. The most prominent glaciers in Chamonix are the Bossons glacier, and the Mer de Glace glacier, impressive works of nature, are part of the most impressive natural areas of the world. Rodolfo Lima, hotels original author and source of the article specialist

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