Chi Life Energy August 17, 2018 at 7:56 pm

The Chi Life Energy. It was published by Editorial Tao of Madrid. In this book we find such interesting topics as the energy of colors, sounds or music from others and how they affect for good or bad depending on the use we make of them. The success it is having on food exposure Genetics, is doing that has a large acceptance. And no wonder, if we consider that presents a whole feeding study based on personal genetics, for it is concerned on the one hand the times of the year, then a woman or man, to end the nutritional incompatible different groups blood. Leaves no doubts and answers many concerns about the power we all have. According to opinions that are already visible on the network, following the guidelines the author, have managed to eliminate many diseases simply by changing their diet, such as the annoying allergies, obesity, gastritis, hypertension and etc.. It is clear that we are all interested in the subject and therefore Professor interviewed to tell us some details of the book.

We know from his career in Gandia has been studying martial arts masters of international prestige and at certain times I school in this city. My question would be this book is the result of the knowledge he has received from these teachers? . – This book is part of that teaching. Most of the themes of this book and you can book dela, are part of the secret boarding school, that is, was this information that teachers reserved for the best students, to show that they were worthy of having it.

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