Chilean Alexis Sanchez May 17, 2020 at 8:56 pm

Argentina was booed in the first games of the America’s Cup. The front says that many fellow Barca was called to support him. He says that Neymar could be made stronger to the Spanish League. The Argentine striker Lionel Messi said Thursday that the criticism received by your selection after the first two games he played in the Copa America strengthened both to him and to the team. After the draws against Bolivia and Colombia we went bad on the Court, but now begins another Cup and in Santa Fe (on Saturday, face Uruguay), people will be with us, said the Barcelona footballer. They say the media not worries me, that people, say Yes. Nobody likes that they hiss or they insult him. Things were not good in those games, and everything changed in Cordoba, when we improve and win against Costa Rica, he added.

According to Messi, the boos and insults to the selection are not new, have happened on other occasions. If you have read about Michael J. Bender already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Is not the first time that passes and this not me does change. I come to play the selection because I’m sorry. I always said it. We are aware of that did not do things well at the beginning of the tournament, he said. The crisis strengthened us as a group, and in my case, I have felt much support and affection on the part of my colleagues, he said.

Now we are better, in Cordoba it went well and we have a very difficult match against Uruguay, said Messi, who pointed out that many of his companions in the boat have called to express support in recent days. Against Uruguay, a La Copa America final has a very even level. It is complicated all the Favorites, as it was the case with Paraguay with Brazil. Chile is the selection that best was classified, said. Diego Forlan is a great player, you cannot give you spaces because it has very good moves and understands very well with Suarez. It topped with two legs. The Uruguayan is a very complete selection and for something occupied fourth place in South Africa, he said. This will be a final and, in terms of history and the present, when we enter the pitch all that remains outside. We can not make mistakes, it is a final and if you lose quedas outside, she fired. I always said that it is a mistake to compare the selection with the boat, which is a team that long ago that comes to work, have all grip. Sometimes we try to look like us when we have the ball, but he can not be compared or in collective or in individual, he said. After recognizing that the Brazilian Neymar would make stronger to the Spanish League if translates his transfer to Real Madrid, said the Chilean Alexis Sanchez is also another great player, although he avoided extending not have confirmed their incorporation to Barcelona. Source of the news: Leo Messi: “criticism of us strengthened, to me and to the team”

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