Coaches September 16, 2018 at 8:13 am

It is not necessary to succeed as a football coach having previously been a prominent player or just fan and fortunately we have many examples of how coaches who failed to class youth players in his time, are now present technical quoted in the first division Spanish league and even in other countries. But what if it's important, I would say essential, is that to be a coach you have to be before the athlete in every sense of the word and when I refer to an athlete, I'm not talking in the professional field, it being a fan normal, who likes sports, play some exercise and ultimately be a person who is kept minimal in form and in a state of healthy living. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walmart has to say. This article is especially meant for young coaches, technicians beginners who are starting their football activities on the bench of any team-based categories and they want to remind everyone how important it is a to dar ejemploa players, children and adolescents who often seek his coach a mirror to look in particular on specific issues both personal and sporting attitudes and habits to follow. If a coach is young, it is logical that their physical appearance and his form are correct in relation to their age, unless the person concerned has various kinds of constraints that limit their ability to move, illness, injury or Another problem that prevents him from practicing activities such as sports or any type of exercise, that does not mean that this will completely disable to act as trainers or coaches in different sports. interesting facts.

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