East European Institute April 11, 2020 at 6:16 pm

I once again think: why glorious, successful woman, having passed the “perfectly” all the exams to build a career, so often get a full “unsatisfactory” in his personal life? That’s a different look – the mouse is gray, and only, and fans wagging as he wants. What it has such times men peck, like a pike, trolling? On the “eternal” women’s issues meet the famous Russian psychologist and coach Inna Chori. Dossier: Inna Chori – psychoanalyst, writer and presenter popular training to enhance women’s self-confidence. Author programs: “The psychologocal development of adolescents,” “The program of three steps: Secrets of the Feminine, Placers night (equipment), Secrets Scheherazade, “” Sex Toys: fashion for fun “,” female power “,” How to bring a woman pleasure (a program for men only), “Practical Bitches.” Received two higher education (faculty Defectology wpps them. Herzen and East European Institute of Psychoanalysis).

Happily married and believes that it is under the effect of any reasonable woman. Her training – an incredible combination of modern psychology, Eastern techniques and 3r And all this serves only one purpose – to make a woman happy – Ina, why smart, attractive, business women, often unsuccessful relationships with men? The opposite really divides us, “the horror, some smart and “Charm, which durochek? – When a woman begins to create a business, she learns to act like men – aggressive, assertive. In business, without it anywhere. The same pattern of behavior, it brings on many areas of life..

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