Ecological Ethics May 21, 2020 at 3:26 am

This vision implies and establishes ecological ethics, forcing the abandonment of the old techniques of plantation for the way of agro ecology. In agro ecology agriculture is seen as an alive and complex system, rich in diversity with some types of plants and animals among others as microorganisms and minerals. The sprouting of agro ecology whose bases still are in you make of perfectioning comes to the meeting with the concern for the preservation of the natural resources, criteria as support as sustainable agriculture. Who earns with this attitude is the hdricos resources, the ground, the wild life and for consequence the human beings. 3. CITATIONS Worried about the corrective action suggested by our group of study the proprietor of the small farm Mr. Sergio, were committed in taking care of of the changes planted in the edges of the river until the ciliar bush is recouped by complete.

One you practise of them suggested for our group of studies that was most accepted and despertou great interest on the part of Mr. Sergio and its familiar ones, had been the suggestion to make a periodic cleanness in the riverbed who pass on its property as well as stimulating neighboring agriculturists to make the same tasks of preservation of the ciliar bush and cleanness of the river and water sources that can have in its properties. 4. FINAL CONSIDERAES After making our referring studies that degraded area, our group were congregated and made one analyze criticize referring the use of ecological techniques in the country properties of our city, and conclude that we do not go to find a property if want, in ours perhaps region that total adopts correct ecological techniques in the agricultural production or the farming production, this occurs mainly for the lack of ecological awareness of the agricultural proprietors whom they possess in its form to manage the thought of that the natural resources cannot one day finish. One forms responsible that we find to plant the sense ecological and good practical ambient in its country properties, was the awareness of the new agriculturists, children of the old administrators of these country properties, using itself of lectures and practical lessons searching to guide of the importance of if making a sustainable handling, the care with the ciliar bush and the water courses and sources that can exist in its properties stimulate and it to the agricultural culture without use of agrotxicos.

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