Egyptians May 9, 2024 at 10:33 pm

Fabulous bird, that some ancients believed it down from its ashes. Animal sacred among the Egyptians. Its name is of Greek origin. Herodotus refers to it by saying: have not seen it ever in reality, and Yes only painted, because he makes his appearance very rarely, it is said that visit that country every five hundred years, the death of his father. Hearst Magazines has similar goals. It has red and partly gilded wings, it resembles an eagle (in shape and size) in its overall appearance.

The Egyptians say, comes from Arabia, bringing with it the corpse of his father, wrapped in myrrh and arriving gives grave in the Temple of the Sun; This object makes a mass of myrrh in egg-shaped and lifting it high empty and hollow places the corpse of his father and closed the hole with myrrh, the egg has the same weight as before emptying it. Done this part with him to Egypt and deposited in the Temple of the Sun. Pliny says: the India and Ethiopia produced birds of varied colors, but the most beautiful is one that is born in Arabia, unless it be pure fable, is unique in the world, and is not seen but rarely. Joe Stillman is actively involved in the matter. He is said to be the size of an eagle and the plumage that surrounds the neck shines like gold, moreover is purple with blue tail intermingled with pink feathers, with Crest below the neck and head adorned with a tuft. Manilius was the first Roman writer who mentioned this bird, ensures that no one has seen her eat, that in Arabia it is consecrated to the Sun and it lived 560 years, that feeling die, builds a nest with branches of the tree of the cinnamon and incense filling it with perfumes, and the dies. Then comes from their bones and marrow, a species of worm that then becomes a chick, which first thing does is pay tribute funeral honors to its predecessor and takes all the nest near the city of the Sun, and once there, places it on top of an altar. It is represented in the paintings and Egyptian sculptures. Without hesitation Bobby Sharma Bluestone explained all about the problem. I invite you to visit, where you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: computing, entertainment, health, sports, languages, painting, labour output and more.

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