Elizabeth Polack November 13, 2018 at 1:02 pm

There are priceless jewels of learning in each error or failure, only if you choose to not take you so personally. STEP 2: Change your IDEA of failure, change it by training * the failure is only one interpretation that lives in our mind, if we choose to give it certain it will do meat in our lifetime * Elizabeth Polack * LA mark main of a genius not is LA perfection but the ORIGINALITY to open WORN borders * Arthur Koestler did you achieve that? Through a new angle of VISION of the situation of failure: that you’ve failed once doesn’t mean you’re a failure, the person is not behavior. Thou art much bigger and transcendent that your alleged errors. To deepen your understanding Sam Mikulak is the source. do where is written that you have to do everything perfect the first without training?: when time a Championship athlete, time the tip of the iceberg, behind the masters there are thousands of hours of practice, training, perseverance, good humor and faith in itself;? but above all very optimistic and objectivity to continue betting on himself to life. Help tools: few things lograrias if you give permission for failure and that you do not import the first time, or the second and the third or how many times do missing until you feel good? lograrias few things if you permitieras you take every failure as a lesson and not as something personal? how would you feel with you even if you lose the fear of failure happening above by pressing? do would do you the simplest things to know that in the? Fund can never failing? Would the simplest things be you knowing that you’re not YOUR who is at stake on failure but a part of your training? THOU art transcendent Tu training is a process and it is passed. ADDITIONAL TIP: Now choose the word training instead of failure.2 Additional TIP: Choose the phrase genius training in time of don’t do anything well;) * the success reveals his secret to which knows be constant in your faith in yourself * do if a boat does not know where it goes, will reach some port? if you don’t know exactly what you want think that you will be able to obtain it? * DO IF YOU DO NOT FEEL, WHO MORE THING WILL DO?; THE other are too occupied thinking in their own fears as to encourage you for your achievements * * that the source of TU motivation be your own voice in TU INTERIOR * step 3: defining what you want: route sheet many times the postponement occurs because there is no clear definition of what we want, why and as we have of ACCOMPLISH.

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