Endemias Argentine May 26, 2014 at 7:16 pm

By these days of the austral autumn of year 2009, it is possible to be assumed like premise for a development, slight knowledge such as the one that " the part is in the whole, or the whole is in parte". Thus, I go from my intense experiences in a specific task like are the transports in Argentina, to try to climb monographically to totalities, that at the moment culminate in global happening. Notwithstanding doing emphasis in our personal experiences or those that have been transmitted us in direct dialogues with other people, it is not possible to be not known, that we have watered in documentations, and those searches been have stimulated by the mentioned own and other people’s experiences; searches that later they have given but perspective for the later experiences. A luck of " Feedback" continuous. We go then to the triggering experience of the present communication.

It was a summer, I believe that the one of 1995. The octogenaria woman, was seated in the hall entrance of the hotel that was in the locality of Bath, province of Cordova. We could to conjecture that one was the owner of the establishment. In crossed ours we knew to see many hotels that demonstrated esplendores pasts, with its already old owners, which allowed to estimate that the closing of that hotel would agree with the death of its owner. In crossed later we saw several of those old woman hotels already closed when not demolished Also I have perceived that in those crossed, old people are but inclined to the dialogue with the strangers. It is but, I have been with that made questions incisive to try to know that were one and what was the intention that " cayera" of visit by small towns. The question is that we initiated a conversation with the lady, and in one of its paragraphs mentioned with nostalgia, when in the dining room of the hotel they used " forty coffees with leche" to those who waited to the motor car that happened through that station to the dawn.

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