Everyone Knows More Than The Coach? February 20, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Everyone knows more than the coach? In the world of football occur very curious things that will certainly not happen in other professions. I do not see a stretcher saying to a surgeon has to put the scalpel in an operation. I can not imagine a bricklayer discussing structure of concrete that must carry the building which is contracting with the architect and simpler still, I cannot think say a Carpenter as he must take the hammer to drive a nail. In football, it is different, everyone knows more to the coach, well, that create the ignorant who think so. Do you say all this?, very simple, there are many journalists, managers and fans who believe in general know both football are considered far more skilled than the coaches to do the job they perform. Is it that the coach is never wrong?, because of course, he is a human being but he knows more about his work than the journalist to the Steering and that le fond together.

Another thing is there are coaches of several classes: very good, good, regular, bad and really bad, but as in all professions, since a title not to say who owns it is a Sage who is beyond good and evil. Not all get the titles in the same way or with the same level of knowledge, nor all will require the same number of hours to overcome a series of subjects, not all are updated, are perfect and are recycled to be at the height of the increasingly high demands that progress and future generations demand and that as that other activities happening in football. And unfortunately not everyone has the same opportunities for that if you’ve been famous footballer is still determining that give you an opportunity to be a coach, at least when you start. Then we see what we see, some with the meat just out of the oven in a little more than one weekend course managing a team first and ultimately passes what has to happen, but is not the objective of this paper give names or mess with nobody at the end the good trainer always goes forward, it has been first footballer, a simple regional category player or a technician who began to exercise at a young age in his neighborhood team. What if I want to emphasize is that due to coach more respected in this country and especially when you have a history after which guarantees it. You can not agree that someone wins the League in June because it has no clue in October that lost three consecutive games. Let’s take the example of the English, that’s why they invented football, them if that value the work of coaches, why not uncommon view the same tenant stays on the bench of a team 5, 10 or 20 years, that in Spain would be a utopia nowadays. Finally, for all those who remain stuck in the world of football coaches sit but are not, I advise to choose among a huge amount of games that there is for the computer, that at a time when you become a mister, manager, sports director and everything what you want from a team, You can buy and sell players, make alignments, choose the game system that you like even act as President, cast the coach and get yourself, so easy.

I highly recommend it. Paco Arias. National football coach. Blog football Trainer training source: press release sent by Paco Arias.

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