Family Planning Made Easy July 26, 2021 at 3:41 am

The practical family Planner for the whole year from PhotoBox PhotoBoxer for the whole year of Hamburg offers a practical family Planner, 08.October 2009 the son Wednesday for soccer is the daughter Monday to the ballet, the tennis team will meet on Thursday and weekend driving the family to the grandparents in the country online photo service PhotoBox offers immediately a beautiful family Planner in two versions for all private and professional appointments: Either as a calendar with spiral binding for the wall or in the form of single sheets with magnets, for example the fridge to attach to him. The family Planner integrates decorative in everyday life. A sheets per month can be personalize with up to seven photos and provides a practical overview and square with a large field for every day the notes of all family members. The starting month of the family Planner is freely selectable. Practically the add-on option is erasable surface”, which makes it possible, dates to delete and restart override. Format: 30 x 40 cm printed on thick paper, 250 gr / m 1 page per month with very large fields per day spiral binding or single sheets price: 19.95 delivery of the calendar either bound (spiral-bound), or in a set of 4 magnets, 1 felt pen with magnetic suspension and in a stable recyclable envelope, used for the storage of unused month leaves can. Who would have his schedule and the most beautiful pictures of his loved ones always mobile, find another idea to combine the two with the calendar in your pocket.

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