FC Barcelona March 8, 2021 at 4:03 pm

All are the good news for the Catalan after their signing by the FC Barcelona. One has adapted perfectly to the scheme of Guardiola and it does not stop to put goals. With the selection also it demonstrates his class, was key in the overcome one to Chile. Released of the tension of a summer of suffering, in the middle of the negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona, Cesc Fbregas has untied the moment of its life at the beginning of shining season, with goals in all encounter of azulgrana and a decisive participation with Spain before Chile. To Cesc it did not have left steps that to give in summer. In the shade it had made everything to convince to the Arsenal and to his respected Arsene Wenger of which they sold to its icon and they let to him return to house, to the equipment of its heart. Each one step back in felt it to the negotiation like a stab. The good end for its interests took step to days filled with happiness.

Ever since it made debut in Barcelona it has not stopped to mark. In Joan Gamper to Naples. In Supercopa of Europe before the Oporto. In the liguero opening against the Villarreal. She is an enabled soccer player to shine in several demarcations.

It has untied his goleadora face. It transferred and to give it the return to the friendly one of Spain before Chile. The party finished and after his doublet it trained with the substitutes in the turf of the AFG Sand of Sankt Gallen. After the shower when it left to still take care of mass media in the mixed zone by his head it gave to returns a play. Instead of to leave happy by the carried out thing, it returned to the hotel without taking off of his mind penalti failed.

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