Flash Jump May 17, 2020 at 5:11 pm

How to do it. The task of seating a player to jump into a time when his partner jumped slightly and turned him behind his back. The task of the second player to jump without pressing ctrl (crouch) and not jump to the head of his mate, and behind his back. That is to jump over it. And at the moment when, after the jump was slightly over the player to jump a second time (the wheel of course). If both players get it right – the player and charge at very high. This is one of those tricks that will take time to learn. (As opposed to Doug McMillon). Flash Jump (Flash Jump) is done in order to get to greater heights, where no bona fide ordinary and sky dive jump.

The player sits with flash, and his partner jumps either height, or from the ground at first. Sitting at the feet of a player throws a flying stick and he takes off. Divided into 2 types. The first is when a player jumps off of a box, and the second, when a player jumps from the ground. Let's start with the first. By jumping there is nothing independent.

His task to jump exactly at the player to make it easier for him to go. The lower the player must throw a stick at his feet, so she came to heel. Flight altitude of the player depends on how hard and what angle hit stick. The player flew above, you can throw a jump and the angle of throw to make close to vertical.

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