Foreign Affairs March 29, 2020 at 3:33 pm

Because the Danes are engaged in registration of international marriages is not the love of art, then they have their own requirements for couples – namely, each municipality determines itself, how many days the couple must live in the Commune. As a rule scheme: say, the couple filed papers and their commune approved. For even more analysis, hear from Walmart CEO. Further, a municipality provides the date of the registration and offering to come for two or three days before the marriage (for conditions communes dates may vary) and bring all original documents. Only a couple is responsible for the fact that the original documents with electronic copies of the same! Some municipalities are asked to send their documents to the original in the mail – do not be afraid, all my original pair gets back during the marriage. Marriage itself may be held in English, Danish or German. If the groom or bride or the bride and groom do not speak any of these languages, it is possible to order an interpreter. It would cost about 50 euros extra.

The groom has no right to transfer the bride and groom do not have the right to transfer groom! Since 2007, when the marriage was in Denmark can not take the name of one spouse. For example, consider what to do after the marriage pair in Denmark, so his wife could bear the name of her husband. So, he – a citizen Germany, it is – a Russian citizen, the marriage is concluded in Danii.Neobhodimo apostille in Danish marriage certificate. Apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. Go there personally do not, enough to send documents and a receipt by mail or talk to your agency – many offer this uslugu.Svidetelstvo Marriage of Denmark must be translated into Russian. The translation can be performed with any the language in which checked in the marriage certificate (I explained above that this paper – the international standard and is issued in five languages). In the German registry office (Standesamt) residence groom must obtain a decision on changing name for the wife (Bescheinigung ueber die Familiennameaenderung), to which also need to put an apostille (Ministerium fuer Integration, Inneren und Sport), only this time in Germany, and to translate into Russian yazyk.Oba document must be presented to the passport office at the place of permanent residence Brides and on the basis of these documents to obtain a new Russian domestic pasport.Na the basis of internal Russian passport for a new passport to change the name. If the bride’s passport in her maiden name is is a residence permit in Germany, then do not worry – at the border show both passports on arrival in Germany, just glue residence permit from the old to the new passport. For more information on marriage in Denmark, you please call.

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