Frampton Nature June 8, 2014 at 7:15 pm

In this same line, in the city-machine project the idea of present nature is the rationalizing and artificializada nature. To this respect, Kings Son (1967) develop an analogy of the plans of the rationalism of the Thirties with the maneiristas plans of century XVII and the expression of these in the conception of the nature: ‘ ‘ The racionalistas plans present the same rigidity the same and ideal character of the maneiristas plans, in century XVII. They are fruits of a set of theoretical principles, caught through the reason (…). Its authors accepted and valued the verticalizao and other forms of centralization, allied, however, to the reconciliation of the ground urban with the nature. They were vertical city-gardens, where the concerns with the landscape if did not bind more the hygienical reasons of order, as the insolation and the aeration of edifcios’ ‘ , (Kings Son, 1967, P. 44-6). This model of ‘ ‘ nature artificializada’ ‘ it is reiterated in the funcionalista zoning considered by the Letter of Atenas, that dominates the urbanstico thought until the Sixties of century XX, with some unfoldings in the urbansticas interventions in the cities in this century.

During the second great war, they appear some critics of the modernista project that if improves from years 1960, having in Rossi (1971), with its contextualismo and Frampton (1997), with the regionalism I criticize, these two theoreticians had searched to rescue or to recoup the place and space concepts absentees in modern urbanism. They made this, in accord with the dimensions of history and the local culture, running away, however, of the natural environment. Already in the middles of the decade of 1980, the ambient quarrel took new routes, not more in the global plan of cities, but of form broken up in form of urbansticas megaintervenes in the private public partnership, attributing a new paper to the cities, in what Hall (1995) and Harvey (1996) had called empresariamento of the urban administration.

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