Francisco Franco November 18, 2016 at 3:26 pm

What means? inquired the other. perhaps Since everybody manages to study, but does not learn great thing. Alphabetization is not just like culture. More education is not equivalent to necessarily to greater knowledge on the part of receives that it. We put an example said, when seeing signs of disagreement on the part of some components of the group. When Cervantes published the Quijote was very little people who knew to read and consequently she could enjoy his brilliant novel, but the lawyers of then were cultured people, who dominated saberes of her time.

However, now added, without specifying if the temporary adverb today talked about historical or his, that in that one was a small chronological mess, people knows many nimiedades intrascendentes, but it lacks the intimate vision and general of the world in which it lives, it needs depth and intellectual perspective, lives in one inane superficiality. Tovar gave then a slight pitching of assent and added: I have read something similar in Don Jose Grouse and continued, ignoring the gesture of displeasure of Unamuno, that criticism the barbarism of the specialization, according to the flame he. That is to say, that in a fragmentary world of saberes, people reach a knowledge if she is wanted more and more deep, but of matters whose scope is reduced gradually, whereas however lack that global vision of the world, that weltanschauung that demands Don Miguel. The conversation was put in philosophical depths that overflowed to me, so I tried to make a change of third: What are those manchones that there is there, in that one bas-relief? I said, indicating to the next column of the Place, and without formulating the question to anybody in particular. Veo that has paid attention immediately said Tovar, with leaves of sad fatality.

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