Gastroenterological Department January 26, 2021 at 9:13 pm

Ironically prevention of rickets is the same pet, and in particular birds. And one of the poultry farms in the Moscow region in the mid 20 th century the prevention of rickets spent hens alcoholic solution of vitamin D. It is natural that the discovery of large bottles of liquid, the taste and smell of the respective tacit currency of that period, could not go unnoticed. Some workers of this economy with its brothers on reason have used a fair amount found drink. It is not known what happened to the birds, which are deprived of vitamin D, but the fate of used the 'vitamins' beverage has been studied in sufficient detail. Credit: Phil Foden-2011. Through certain period of time in various hospitals of Moscow began to get people with different clinical picture. Those who used a small amount of the drug were gospitalizarovany in Gastroenterological Department of intestinal disorders. More passionate admirers of alcohol in a serious condition were taken to the neurological department with severe nerve damage.

So many people, both cases in a small village, has not gone unnoticed. Was appointed an official investigation, which resulted in a detailed description of various forms of hypervitaminosis D. But now, imagine how many hundreds of millions of units Vitamin D has been drunk to develop hypervitaminosis. If you have submitted, you will understood the baseless fears of a prophylactic dose of vitamin D. However, we are a bit forgotten, that a deficiency of vitamin D is violated calcium metabolism. Therefore, an important item on the prevention of rickets, but as his treatment is adequate intake of calcium in the body of the child. By analogy with vitamin D, if the child is a natural feeding, it is most effective with respect to the shortfall of calcium is calcium supplementation nursing mother. On the choice of drugs mentioned above.

With the proven calcium deficiency in a child can use the same drugs, but the dosage should be coordinated with your physician. In conclusion, I would like to say that rickets is a disease that is much easier to prevent than to treat its effects. But even if your child diagnosed with rickets, no need to panic. Time initiated adequate treatment almost completely neutralizes the detrimental effect of a deficiency of vitamin D.

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