Gentle Breeze May 17, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Vdoh.Vydoh. I hear as the air leaves my lungs, giving precious minutes zhizni.V povsidnevnoy bustle, I forgot the sound, but now vysunovshis out the window, I hear, I chuvstuyu.Okazyvaetsya this city knows how to sleep before I do not noticed it seemed to me that life is seething even nochyu.V a warm sweater, half vysunovshis from a window on the 15th floor, I watch gorod.Mif that of the fishing season does not vybratsya metropolis, scattered light breezes, cool veterka.Boyus poshevilitsya, I'm afraid that that would violate this tishinu.Ustrashayuschie shadows, still froze. Window the next apartment opened with a neighbor who crave sodium delayed dymkom.Zhazhdit poison your body and spoil Environment, but I do not mind, it is not visible, and seen clubs tobachnogo podnimayusheesya smoke in the air, which may carry away troubles and bitterness of the guest. Sometimes it breaks the silence of the sound drops out of the tap, which falls into the bath. I wonder if this sees the old smoker that I see? Feel what I mean? If he wants to be a real, free if they want to renounce this world that is so deeply saturated with indifference, lack of compassion for one's neighbor? Life Is he has, or has already become a common urban battery? Did he love his wife as he loves his mistress? I have two options, either close the window and go to sleep, and tomorrow face the day and to extend yesterday's, but the difference No, because they are all terribly monotonous and boring, with the smoke or a neighbor, along with the autumn breeze unwind in vozduhe.Net I will not greshen.Ya samoubiytsey.Ya will not just damn romantic, longing for freedom, stepping threshold not in search of death, but in searching sebya.I when the black dress, you'll look at my white face, a tear when one utters, one for in these, the other for the sake of propriety, when my little coffin toss wet zemelkoy when going to the neighbor Church extinguish a cigarette, when you will remember the features of my twisted, cold, dead face, remember that jumping out the window, not in order, that would cause yourself pain and escape from urban problems, and that would taste wind, by being free

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