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As Kaercher (1997) Critical Geography did not arrive at the schools, or arrived little and continues reproducing crystallized truths. The author still affirms that the problem of the discredit of the education of Geography is not in its content, but yes in the conception of the knowledge and the methodology of its professors, therefore, it is a problem in its formation. Kaercher warns that to understand geography it is essential, however is not sufficiently, a time that becomes necessity to know to teach it. However, Geography does not compete the transforming paper of the society. The interdisciplinaridade can be an alternative to be able to think the Education about ampler direction, therefore in contrast we would be reproducing the spalling of conhecimento.CONSIDERAES FINAISObserva, that the education of Geography is in constant transformations, a time that such science cannot be seen as descriptive and static, but yes as dynamic, offering to the individual the possibility to innovate to each day its knowledge.

Exactly Critical Geography not having fond of satisfactory form of the all the schools, of basic and average education, the used methodology, currently, to apply the contents in classroom has passed for diverse changes, therefore old when it was said in Geography soon thought about the maps, the rivers, the denominations of capitals, states, governing, in the territorial areas and altitudes, being that all these item were worked in descriptive way, where all decorated age. Today, it is understood that to memorize contents for reproduziz them faithful immediately afterwards, it is a total insufficient attitude to extend the knowledge. The education of Geography is so interesting how much the others (History, Anthropology, Sociology, etc.), therefore must be rethink and be valued, so that the future generations can the same have a different vision of .BIBLIOGRAFIASANDRADE, Manuel Leather strap of. If you have read about NBA already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The geographic thought and the Brazilian reality. In: SAINTS, Milton (org.).

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