Golden Sands April 12, 2020 at 7:02 am

Just before the bridge, turn right into the woods. Of the several races we have chosen the less free-flowing, and beautiful forest path, slowly, began to choose their place. A lot of them out there, and at most different taste. You can be on the water – bypass channel running parallel along the sea for almost 100 kilometers from Vyshgorod sometimes turns into a real forest stream. The relief is more sandy, but a small grassy clearing size often come across. Firewood – a choice of birch or pine, there is a little dry Dubchak.

For water to go to , there is a store of food. This way is the best place for fishing enthusiasts and soup – the channel absolutely anglers. Bridgehead 2: Golden Sands before Rybstanom – 21,4 km Fisheries is located 21 km from the dam Vyshgorodsky hps. Excellent beaches with clean sand is clearly tired of the tourists and their traces, but not bad place can be found. However, at the weekend to prepare a dense neighborhood, so it's best to leave this place on weekdays.

From the pros note that, at Rybstane can buy fresh fish – we took a decent carp on 12 hryvnia / kg. Ibid You can buy travel snaryagu, boilers, tripod, coal, and get water, but the prices are pretty kusyuchie. This is the place to spend time near the water, the bottom is clean and the sea is not a minor, as in this place. Cons – people in the rake off all the twigs for firewood and had to leave for the track, about 200 meters from the parking area.

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