Health Deficiency September 17, 2020 at 3:18 am

Also it is basic the aid of a team to multidiscipline, composed for doctors, psychologists, professors, physiotherapists etc., in accordance with the necessity. Bill Shankley is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The treatment will help the family to accept the limitations of the son and to try to develop the maximum of its potentialities. For that she does not have, in its families, people with some type of deficiency it is very important to get information on the reality of these people, to know as to act and not to commit errors. John marlow sf does not necessarily agree. Front to a person with deficiency, the people must act of natural form, treating it with respect and consideration. When directing itself it a person with mental deficiency, considers the age, therefore, in contrast of what many think, it will not be a perpetual child. She ignores somebody with deficiency, judging that she will not understand, but never treats in the same way that she would make with another person any. She dares to come close itself for an eventual one colloquy; you will be able to have a pleasant surprise. He considers the importance of not subestimar the intelligence of a person with intellectual deficiency.

The person with deficiency is not sick, much less will die early, due the health problems. It can have some problem of health as any another person. Also she is not for being deficient that the person will be aggressive, or very amiable. This is one of the errors most common, to be more aggressive or more amiable it is related with the personality, the particularitities of each individual and not with deficiency. important to provide to the deficient intellectuals a social life, because through these activities, the people have possibility to interact with other people.

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