Hercolus Earth September 16, 2020 at 9:26 pm

The bathrooms in the shower was based on steam, just enough for a few seconds and the whole body was clean, bright hair with the scent of flowers. It was funny but had episodes where Eissa preparing a capsule called Kitin-(hamburger on earth) the burger was thin wheat bread, thick meat fat removed, had a piece of lettuce with dried potatoes, yuyuki (catsup in planet earth) were similar grumulos red wing salt when eating it Eissa, Aissa on Earth also ate, is very clear .. very different, and thus had very different things in common. Eissa walks into a room to see her mother Shaida, hugs the waist and asks, and because of his sad eyes, smiles and hugs Shaida strongly Eissa asks if you still believe that the grandfather will appear in the capsule with his sister., She turns to him and said that two weeks will meet 11 years, that his greatest dream is to see her daughter the other part of it and it is also their desire to see his father, his uncles, he says his biggest dream is to see that the family reconvenes. By the same author: john marlow sf. While embracing travez watches from the window and see the meteors and comets passing some crashing in the distance slowly tells it is necessary that he and his sister are together for the good of Hercolus. At that time a scientist enters Hoody astronomer of great wisdom and tells Queen Shaida wing already discovered the cause of why the planet is being drawn Hercolus another planet who lives in a galaxy Hercolus solar wing just like that in this galaxy revolve more than nine planets around a large star and Hercolus is the only planet in its own galaxy very similar around the planet that is about to collide with Hercolus Earth is called the reason that cause is climate change is suffering from this planet and the action of gravity is increasing..

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