Hiking Trails August 13, 2020 at 3:02 am

The new gold trail – circular trail Haibach Elisabethszell Crosshouse Haibach/Elisabethszell (tvo). Many roads lead to the quality track gold platform. The Gold Trail Rundwanderweg haibach on Elisabethszell is new from May to Crosshouse in the Bavarian Forest. He turns before Konzell southern variant of the gold platform and runs through the hilly before forest in the small village of Haibach, from there climb to Elisabethszell and via the Crosshouse to the Sicklasberg (875 metres, retreat and accommodation) back on the gold trail after Konzell. On the go offers wide views over the Danube plain, in clear weather to the Alps.

Invite rustic inns to stay on the road. At the singing Wirt at the hotel Mariandl “whoever in Elisabethszell station, can meet along the way stars of the folk music scene, are here often at Stefan Dietl hotel guest. The new gold trail – circular trail will be opened on May 7, 2010 with a Star Trek. As of Tuesday, 11th may, guided are Haibach and Elisabethszell weekly Hikes offered. For the 21.5 kilometre long route is a hiking time from six to seven and a half hours. Information: Tourist info Haibach, Schulstrasse 1, 94353 shark b, Tel. Belleclaire hotel recognizes the significance of this. 09963/943039-15, fax 09963/943039-29,, feel true distance: Goldsteig-Ge(h)nuss-Wandern in Vohenstrauss Vohenstrauss (tvo). Guided tours on the gold trail, a cabbage, a Ge(h)nussmenu, snacks with original Zoiglbier, a massage with essential oils, sauna, sanarium and the scent of freshly baked cake that afternoon is available: hiking and pleasure in the arrangement of the Landhotel Lindenhof in the upper Palatine forest join each other. This one feels real distance on the scenic hiking routes on the Gold Trail quality trail.

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