Home Investments September 1, 2021 at 1:12 am

For its part, would like to note that not all owners of the villas are on the move, preferring to preserve their "precious" high income. As before investing in a villa remains one of the most reliable ways to preserve and increase capital, while receiving pleasure from the use of the acquired property. In connection with the reduction of prices for houses, demand for them increased. And those who have dreamed of ready to buy, got his chance to make it more acceptable terms that suggest to you too! detached house in spain Detached House in Spain (Casa) – a "villa in a nutshell>>. This variant is suitable for those buyers Spanish property who do not want to buy an apartment in an apartment house and a luxury villa can not yet afford. Buying a single family house in Spain you will also be the owner of land (6.2 hectare). As Typically, in the home 4.2 bedroom, 3.1 bathrooms and a living room. Also has a terrace, often – with a sea view.

Also the house in Spain can be equipped with a solarium, a barbecue, or have a separate pool. May be a separate small garage for cars, or at least a parking space. In Spain, individual homes often located in the urbanization (villages). In the protected area are home, there are seating area, children's and sports grounds, swimming pool. Value of the home will depend on the region of Spain and the value of the land in this region, the area of land, availability of garage and private swimming pools, etc.

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