House Dog May 23, 2019 at 2:41 am

Breeds of small dogs unlike other races these accidents are present throughout the life of the Mini dogs, the cause of this is that in comparison with large breed dogs small breed dogs remain regularly living inside the House that keeps the risk of an accident in a greater proportion latent domestic. In this article you will learn how to react to an accident domestic breeds of small dogs since indoors having a puppy or a dog Mini implies precautions and care very strict to prevent accidents that may endanger the life of your puppy. Then you’ll help with information so that you know you do in case of: suffocation due to foreign bodies. Many objects that are in the environment of our Mini dogs could become dangerous elements because of the tendency that all dogs are and that is the chew objects such as branches, leaves, small toys or any small objects that can fall to the ground without us noticing this and our dogs to play with those objects may swallow them accidentally. If this happens to your dog you must act immediately and keeping calm.

To take the object out of your mouth or throat strange using a small spoon or kitchen tongs, I immediately tries to open a space between the object and the mucous membrane of the throat of your dog as well achieve that you can breathe, if it is the case that the object this very embedded in the throat you’ll need alicatas or long tweezers. Do not enter your fingers to feel your hands in your mouth immediate reaction will be biting them. This can save the life of your Mini dog and will allow you to breathe, if you can not remove the object keep breathing space open with your tongs or spoon and takes your dog to the nearest vet clinic.

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