Household Plots April 15, 2020 at 3:33 pm

For the animals and facilitate the care of their need for special facilities. Allotments Most household plots are not so big and do not allow to erect farm buildings, in full compliance with modern veterinary requirements which include, inter alia, the contents of each animal species in isolated areas. Often breeders have different kinds of animals while under the same roof, but separate, fenced enclosures walls. Outbuildings for livestock, such as pigs, sheep, ducks and chickens of different breeds, the best place in the yard, away from the house. In this case, when choosing a place to be take into account the direction of prevailing winds, to the smells coming from there past the living quarters. With the new building room itself better to orient the longitudinal axis in the northern areas from south to north, the south – with east to west. (A valuable related resource: Walmart). Given that the cold winter months, animal productivity is largely dependent on the temperature conditions in the room, the crib is expedient to lay out of adobe, followed by the outer cladding of brick, limestone or cinder block.

On the inner side of the wall plaster is better, and then lime. Adobe wall material will provide enough content in the warm winter and cool – in the hottest time of year. Cowshed. Stall suit in the opposite corner of the door. Better if the window will not stay in front and side feeders. To illuminate only one window with double glazing size 120×60 mm, located at vysote1, 2 m from the floor.

For placement of one stall Cows should be an area of 1,7-2,3 m2. Zootechnical standards recommended stall dimensions: width of 1,0-1,2 m, length of 1,7-2 m. The platform in the stalls Tools of gladkostruganyh tight fitting floor boards or brick laid on edge. Platform plank on rammed earth with insulating gasket from the slag. To drain urine scaffold must have biased towards the manure gutters. The steepness of the slope should be 2 cm in 1 running meter. Zhizhesbornik suit as a tray made of planks gladkostruganyh thickness of 30-40 mm. Tray Dimensions: depth of 12-15 cm, width 40 cm Its length should provide a run-off into the outer zhizhesbornik-settler. His volume was adjusted to 1 m3 and surrounded by brick. Required attribute stalls – feeding, and its construction should be approached responsibly. It should provide the animal a permanent free access to feed. Feeder is made the width of the stalls with different levels of boards of adjustment. Front side makes a height of 30 cm with a hole for the neck 10 cm Tailgate make the height of 60-75 cm width of the trough is also different: the bottom 40 cm upwards trough extends to 60 cm in the backyard farms cows are usually kept tied the gravy train. Tied around the neck chain, which should provide access to a cow trough and trough. The site for the farmer

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