How To Pick A Crib For Your Baby November 4, 2019 at 12:02 pm

The most desired furniture for newly born children – children’s bed, wardrobe, as well as the desired attribute of everyday life changing table. But always has been and remains today the most urgent matter in the nursery – cot. Cot, a place from which the child watches the world around them, learning it in its early days. Most parents are taken for the purchase of the crib before the birth of the baby. Today’s parents when buying a crib accentuate its interest solely on appearance, spots in various finishes and modern design. Among other things, important in the crib is not appearance. When buying a crib should pay interest at such moments: The main index is a material made from a cot. Cleaner and less harmful to the baby is tree. Some parts may be of other materials (such as metal or plastic), but keep in mind that the kid can about them hurting themselves, because the crib should contain as much as possible of these smaller parts, which can harm the baby. The most suitable cots plywood and lumber. Optimal choice for baby’s health is a natural tree in the solid parts of the crib. It follows that the framework of child bed consisted of solid wood and plywood and the mattress should be made of hypoallergenic natural fillers.

For confidence and reliability necessary to check the presence of sanitary certificate in which the written materials and their environmental cleanliness. Cots whose base is made of particle board, board of such cribs should not emit formaldehyde (a measure of the substance should show 0). Cot (baby cot-chair) will fit babies up to one year, there are handles for transport and blankets suitable for washing in the washing machine. Do not forget that the crib-rocking to supply so that the child could not overturn it, and out of the cradle baby rapidly grow. Instead of a crib you can buy a pram with removable basket. Currently, bunk beds for children acquire not only large families, the upper tier may be playground. After buying a baby cot is necessary to ensure the safety of the child. Unlike a simple cot ii floor so the bed should be high skirting and staircase leading upstairs, should have handrails. The most functional are bed-transformers. These beds come in two main types of kid-teen and a sofa convertible. Fold-out couch is convertible into a bunk bed and cot A teenage boy – teenage crib. Different beds, transformers with maturing baby prolonged bed.

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