Independence March 13, 2023 at 5:02 pm

For more of a century only there are two parties that in the USA have governed to their 50 States: democrats and republicans. The exception was Alaska governed in 1990-94 by the Party pro Independence of Alaska (AIP). The AIP demands referendo then in 1959 Alaska was incorporated like State of the USA without to people it was allowed him to vote by the option pro-independence. They get along with just proclaimed Lakota republic that asks to split itself of the northwest of the USA. ly Services to learn more. They are more preservative, mercantilistas and anti-immigrants who the republicans. They ask to separate to have less imposed and controls and power to explode and to export plus its wealth. His founder Joe Vogler asked to clear glaciers with nuclear bombs. In the last years this party was falling of to have cleared 40% of the votes to as soon as to exceed 1% of these. However, its significance is in the influence that they have on Palin, the republican candidate to the vice-presidency, that the AIP cries out that it was his member (although she says that only she has been always his friend) and whose Todd husband militant was registered in 1995-2002. Original author and source of the article.

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