Institution April 3, 2020 at 10:16 am

I reacted. I did not obtain to keep been silent me. I said it that we could not catch an isolated fact, occurred specifically in the life of Pablo and I transform it into doctrine. all the others that had been until Jesus and had been cured? Because it did not mention this? With this type of pregao the creature still had the pretension to baptize its afternoon of conjunct of: Meeting of Being able, that it was limited fast full words of CAN. ' ' That you it can make this, that you can make that outro' ' , so different of firm, positive, vigorous, full the conjuncts of Davi, of faith: ' ' Because you, Sir will support, me (CERTAINTY) with its hands, instead of: That you support it can me (Doubt).

It teaches to us to count our days to it, instead of: It can you to what teaching in them? It remembers to you, Gentleman, of the oprbrio of your servants and not: That you it can remember This can, shows the doubt, the certainty lack, inlays a questioning: It will be that It can? . I was infuriated ahead of this pregao and with penalty of those sad women who did not have and nor knew as to exert its faith, therefore did not know nor to pray as it agrees. It had never heard, in my life, a so weak speech, so empty, so frustrating, on our powerful God. I was to one three meetings. Perhaps in the hope of that I was deceived. Unhappyly, it leaves depressed all to the times. Decidedly the God of this Institution was not the same God who I had known in the past, when I stows in the protestant denominations, where always I heard to say that God was powerful to make for us much more of what we ask for or we dream.

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