Interdependence February 4, 2020 at 2:41 am

We may not like very much this interdependence, but this comes from our natural tendency to seek self-benefit: a personal, social and international. What makes this crisis different from previous ones is that the current is telling us to shout a Es one of two things: either all or ningunoa Why? hilling This is how the world! Everything that exists in our universe, whether animate or inanimate, operates under the law of reciprocity, in which each component acts only to benefit the system that is integrated. In nature, the collective good and individual are one. Larry David follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Otherwise, you could not even continue reading this text, his eyes would not look in this direction but in another, and your brain probably ignore. In fact, you probably would not even alive, because their bodies would not be running as a system designed to perpetuate life, where every body is concerned about the welfare of the whole body and this, in turn, ensures the welfare of all the component parts. Our human race is also something like a great full body and beautiful at the same time diverse.

And this body has a soul that governs each of its components: the Arab-Russian body to provide fuel and energy, skill and agility of uses that Asian bodies energy to produce goods and Euro-American body using them. This will maintain and support each other the different bodies in harmony. The purpose of our lives is to discover the law of reciprocity, the law of mutual execution. A just refer to it when they say religions a AMa your neighbor as yourself mismoa , but in this case the goal is not to get people to become civilized and gentle, but get to know the law of existence in order to become masters of our own Destination. a If we train our children with this knowledge on the law of reciprocity not only learn to avoid mistakes, but we are giving them the tools to build a better future based on love, mutual support and in-depth knowledge about nature. This is the purpose of our life: to reach a full understanding of nature and contribute to the creation of a society in harmony with its laws. Hopefully the next presidential term serve to drive this change, since the transformation is already taking place, now we have to do it well, for our happiness and that of our children.

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