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Your pregnancy week by week is a practical guide that will bring you the basic knowledge to carry out the conception and pregnancy. Developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, this aplicacionte will feature, week by week, the changes you, baby and your family will experience over the next 9 months. Synthetic, attractive and dynamic, with a pleasant and straightforward language you can access scientific knowledge, without the barriers that put the medical terms and interesting tools to enjoy this stage of your life. Calculation and information of the week cursadIngresa your data whenever you activate application know what week of your pregnancy you are. From this screen you can activate other tools or find out more about the course week. Michael J. Bender: the source for more info. Informacionaccede to a complete guide organized by topics: Clinic: medical information to talk with your doctor, doubts and prevent risky situations.Nutrition: to know how it influences the power in your health and your baby’s development.Psychology: it’s time for big changes and not just for you. Your partner and your other children (if you have them) also feel the arrival of this new Member. Find in this section a point of contention for all.Tips and tricks: changes in your body can cause some discomfort, but don’t worry, in this section we tell you some secrets to pass it better.Myths: a myth is a false statement that repeats as true and is passed on from generation to generation.

They can confuse and lead to risky behaviors for pregnancy. Meet them and learn about them. AgendLleva a control total and organized consultations, studies and activities throughout your pregnancy, with date, time, and category.Are you afraid that someone is forgotten? Send you by mail activity to add it to your agenda. Bitacoramanten your friends informed of the progress of your pregnancy, from the first echo the first photo!It is very easy: select the event, you add the text that you want, a photo (or you can take it directly with your iphone) and share the news on social networks that are part. Warning of Bebedeja prepared a warning message. When you’re starting at the health center, just send it. Your loved ones will find out in real time of the arrival of that great moment. Available on AppStore in Spanish and English.

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