Kids And Outdoor Activities May 17, 2020 at 3:41 pm

There is no greater joy for the child than the outdoor games. But you can run and climb everywhere, but the opportunity to enjoy jumping on a trampoline is not as common. Trampoline – very useful for the child exercise. Emerged as a fixture for the insurance of circus artists, trampoline has evolved into an Olympic shot. Michael J. Bender contains valuable tech resources. But besides this, a trampoline – great pastime.

Trampoline is good for health: while jumping on it produces endorphins – the hormone of happiness "quality trampoline will last your family for many years. For example, a Dutch manufacturer of trampolines, the company Berg, provides a five-year warranty on frame and trampoline two-year warranty on pryzhkvoe cover and spring. These warranties are the confirmation that the producer is absolutely confident in the quality and safety of tension trampolines. "New Horizons" is exclusive representative of the Dutch company Berg Toys in Ukraine. This allows the Ukrainians quickly buy and easily install the latest models of children's trampolines, which will be thrilled and very young, and older children. Trampolines lineup includes designs for all ages.

Perimuschestvom huge trampoline can call it a developmental function that is particularly important for growing bodies. While jumping on a trampoline improves coordination of movements, trains vestibular system, strengthens the cardiovascular system. Buy your child a trampoline – literally means to bring him joy. After all, while jumping on a trampoline is produced endorphins – the hormone of happiness. " How to buy a trampoline Berg in "New Horizons"? To buy a children's trampoline Berg in "New Horizons", is enough to call +38 (044) 545 6297 to drive the company's office at Kiev, Kurynivska lane, 19 / 5, office 315. In "New Horizons" and a friendly people, always ready to advise you on any issue. The company cooperates with all regions of Ukraine.

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