Leadership August 15, 2020 at 7:33 am

Non-regular seminars for managers on the high seas in a company provided many different requirements to Manager. Who wants to practice the necessary skills, must visit often individual seminars to do so E.g. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rite Aid. on conflict resolution, risk assessment, leadership. Also, much of the content of the seminars will soon forget, because the information with special experiences in connection can be brought to the seminar situation no outstanding experience (more) for the human brain. Compressed learning with sustainability at the sailing is an efficient and memorable alternative that requires many skills in compressed way, therefore a leadership training at sea for example on a catamaran. Marko dimitrijevic has much experience in this field. Sailing the same skills are required as in everyday Manager: decisions, assess risks, behavior of others tolerate and compromise find people leading to a goal and commitment to motivate and correct mistakes. At sea, many are therefore Leadership skills training.

It comes for example, faster to get the point because on board, there is no time for long around talking. Also, objectives and actions must be established better otherwise, no common sailing is possible. In addition, that on a catamaran through the limited space, everyone must disclose its own limits. Thus, the executives at this training get above all an opportunity for self-reflection before and after their actions and reactions. The Manager experience what makes exactly their personal behaviour and how they affect others on board. You will receive direct feedback about the other participants and the trainer.”Werner Knigge know concept of vivendi sailing experience. Thereby conveyed particularly of situational leadership, because the business environment is usually just as dynamic as the sea. Situational lead means that it adapts quickly to a situation and aligns the own actions because.

At sea, it goes without saying, that you must be set according to the weather conditions. But just as mutual appreciation, support and tolerance are important if you must work cooperatively in such limited space. Try that with a team, by applying a joint project work or other group task to a small meeting room and spend the breaks also together in the room. If you work closely with others over a period of time, you quickly realize there is still shortage of which corners.

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